'Is Time-Of-Day' Nodes not behaving as expected

I’m struggling to see what’s wrong with this setup. I was hoping it would return True when the local time is before 09:30, and False for 0930-23:59. Thanks for any help, and apologies if I’m missing something obvious.
Vuo 2.1.2

Time of Day.vuo (1.75 KB)

Actually, it looks like the comparison is off by one hour. If I specify a compare time of 08:30, it goes from True to False at 09:30.

Daylight Savings perhaps?

Try removing the start of day input and leave it at 0.

That makes no difference, unfortunately. I also tried setting it to “23:59:59” for good measure.

Weird, I can reproduce it here as well. Might be a daylight savings issue?

Setting the date for the comparison seems to fix it. It might be that discarding the date component also discards the daylight savings correction. You might want to file a bug report.

This workaround should fix the issue:

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