iterating color with layer copies

is there a way to iterate the color spectrum across a copy layer node or iterate different materials with the **copy object ** node. I’m trying to do something that was fairly trivial in QC to iterate colors with a color transform patch inside an iterator patch. I see the make HSL color node. Is there a way to use it to iterate colors to different layers programmatically.

I see this discussion from GT about color list and how the make line strips object has this type of color list but no way to create the list from primitive data types. Is this something I should make a feature request for ?

how would someone draw an array of layers making each layer a different color ? I attached a comp drawing a circle of ovals each with a different size. Is there a way to make each oval layer a different color like you can with scales ? using the make HSL color node on the layer changes all the copies to the same color and i’m trying to make each layer copy a different color.

I will gladly enter a feature request if this is something that needs to be done. I don’t know if GT did this already or exactly what I’m asking for is a color list that I would be asking for or just to be able to iterate colors with a copy layer node or both. is there any kind of work around someone has figured out ?

viewCirclePointColor.vuo (5.56 KB)

I figured out its possible to cycle through a point list and use that data to enqueue positions and colors into a list of scene objects essentially making it possible to draw a sphere each with different colors and positions like the copy layer node.

i’m going to assume its possible to enqueue layers in the same way this composition does with scene objects. however this keeps cycling through the color materials list, I got to figure out how to stop sending increment events and hold the list of objects in the scene so its not continually cycling through the colors.

this however is closer to doing what I am trying to do. I would like to be able to cycle through just once and keep the scene objects list with the different colors. when I change the wrap mode to saturate my objects disappear from the enqueue does anyone have any other ideas how iterating colors would work ?

viewCirclePointColorEnqueueCycle.vuo (4.2 KB)

it seems I over looked the copy 3D object with materials . this node does exactly what I wanted the copy layer node to do but in 3D. you can disregard the two post before this, cycling through each element of list individually to create a scene isn’t what I wanted to do at all. that becomes a strain when dealing with audio visualization. this is what I was trying to do. requires audio input, I’m using the black hole audio driver, its like sound flower but newer and works on current machines. i was having trouble getting sound flower to work on my system. you can just set the audio driver to your built in mic or system default and it should draw a 3D EQ in a circle with a draggle camera.

blackHole3DEQ.vuo (9.94 KB)


Iteration in Vuo works a bitt differently in Vuo than in QC. The easiest way to create a list with multiple different values is to use the Build List node:


thanks Magneson this is exactly what I wanted to do for making a list of colors or shaders to use in the copy 3D objects with materials node. using the enqueue node wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do. how does one stop building the list ? it has the finished list port but the node is continually cycling through its indexes. does that mean its building the list over and over again ? (edit)* I see if changing the fire on refresh to fire on start it only iterates through the list one time.  

buildList.vuo (4.79 KB)

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