Jittering when using "Render Scene to Window" and "Render Image to Window" at the same time

Steps causing the bug to occur

  1. I’m not exactly sure what causes this, but the magic combination seems to be something like this:
  2. Create two or more 3d objects. “Make 3d Object From Image” seems to be the worst.
  3. Render them in the same composition to “Render Scene to Window” AND “Render Scene to Image” → “Render Image to Window”
  4. Use “Fire Periodically” to update something in the composition periodically
  5. Run the composition
  6. The objects start to jitter. Like this

How did the result differ from what you expected?

I wasn’t expecting the jittering

When did you first notice this bug?

0.5.2 (I’m pretty sure this wasn’t there in 0.5.1)

Have you found a workaround?


Other notes

  • Vuo version: 0.5.2
  • macOS version: Mac OS X 10.7

jittering.vuo (4.54 KB)

Screenshot 2013-11-12 10.03.50.png

Darn. I just tested it in Vuo 0.5.0, and it’s happening in that version, too, so it’s not a recent regression. Investigating.

Fixed in Vuo 0.5.3.