Layer Names

I’m currently Dealing with some collections of layers which are made by processing a list.

It would be handy if layers had a Name property/value. This would be a string that may not be unique. It would be great to be able to get the layer name from Layer Values. And to be able to set the Layer Name, and to edit the Layer Name.

A suitable default layer name might be ‘Text Layer’ or ‘Image Layer’ or ‘Image Layer 1’


Could you describe at a higher level what you’d like to accomplish by being able to set and get layer names? Knowing how you plan to use this would help us figure out the best way to solve your overall problem.

Thanks. In general, hoping to do things like make a list of objects, and then choose layers from that group by name. These might be programmatically generated or named in some other fashion. The grouping is useful for keeping layers together spatially, and also for passing through a system when testing for hit points/mouseOver.

We could add a separate node Change Layer Name (analogous to the Change Layer Blending node), so you could connect Make * LayerChange Layer Name in case you want to specify a certain name for a layer. That way the Name port isn’t cluttering the Make * Layer nodes themselves. And add a Find Layers node to find layers in a group that matched a specified name (similar to Find 3D Objects), and a Get Layer Name node to retrieve the name when needed. Does that fit your needs?

That would work, thanks @jmcc

We’ve opened this for voting.