Layer & Scene : Convert Layer to 3D Object (or vice versa)

Layer Convert 3D Object.png

This set includes 3 .c nodes

1 - Convert layer to 3D Object.
2 - Convert 3D Object to Layer.
3 - 3D Transform a Layer.

Put them in your Vuo modules folder.

PS : I have changed the file names so you may need to remove the older “Transform Layer in 3D” node manually in order to prevent a duplicate node.

PS 2 : This is somehow a remake of the Parabox nodes that did the same but that don’t work in Vuo 2 anymore.
This is a basic converting that will not work in all cases, for a better conversion, there is a feature request : Feature Request Link. See Jaymie’s comment there about better conversion.

PS 3 : To search these nodes in the node gallery you can type : BSS

Public Domain, any feedback or improvement is welcome.

Rotate Layer in 3D (4.48 KB)

Layers - 3D Objects (3.16 KB)

Layer Convert 3D Object.png

Layer 3D Screenshot2.png


Seen the code. Just a dozen of rows. Really astonished.

@cremaschi thanks. Really only starting to dig the nodes code, so this is basically just a 'Transform 3D Object" code where I replaced the 3D object with layers :)

Really cool, you can just put a .c file in your modules folder and modify the code with whatever editor (even a shortcut to edit the code with your default editor from the node library below). And Vuo automatically relaunches modified codes.