List all nodes as a menubar option

I’d love to use the MacOS Accessibility feature to add my own keyboard shortcuts to some common nodes I use (insert Share, for example).

In order to do this, I believe it needs to be listed as a Menu option.

It could be tucked away under, say, Edit>Insert Node> a list of all nodes

Currently, Vuo includes its 300+ example compositions in the overhead menu, and we’ve already run into issues with that many menu items bogging down macOS’s menu bar code. Adding Vuo’s 900+ nodes to the overhead menu would make the situation much worse. macOS just isn’t designed to support that many overhead menu items.

So we’re tabling this particular feature request, though we’re open to considering other ways to improve fluency for advanced users. As an alternative, have you considered an 3rd-party keyboard shortcut manager, such as Keysmith? This would automate creating specific nodes the existing way: make a single keyboard shortcut to perform the press command-return, type ‘name of node’, press return.

I think it is a not uncommon design pattern to make a distinct panel that allows users to assign shortcuts to actions, within an app.

So, instead of having the app have to load a list of many nodes at startup which would then display in the Menu, a user would have a specific settings panel either on an app or project file level where they then select a plugin and assign the shortcut to it. The app would then just pull from this handful of entries.

(side note - Maybe it would be helpful to push the compositions that are up in the menu bar to an inspector similar to the node library, or another view selectable at the top of the node library.)

A panel along these lines, with an additional column to pick the corresponding node names, could be used to build the data needed to have node instancing happen on the editor via hotkeys.

Making the user type the actual name of the node themselves would be one simple approach, then having them move to a column to enter the corresponding hot keys.

Adding code to let the user pick from a list of all of the nodes, or letting them drag a node from the library onto the panel, might be some other functional/intuitive approaches.

Below, is another example of the kind of interface (in very general terms), that could be used to build such preferences (Logic Pro’s bus assignment panel).


On that side point about the composition list in the menubar being taxing to build at app init, another option would be to replace it with a menu item that opens up the filepath of the folder with all of the compositions.