List : Interleave Lists with Append

Interleave with Append.png

Interleave 2 lists, appending the extra items from the longer list at the end.

This was made in the direction to help with Interleave Lists

Place this .c node inside your Vuo Modules folder. You can search for them by typing BSS in the node library.

Any feedback or improvements welcome. Original code by ©Kosada Incorporated, released under MIT License, modified by Bodysoulspirit. This code may be modified and distributed under the terms of the MIT License.

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Example Interleave with (3.78 KB)

Interleave with Append.png


Thanks @Bodysoulspirit! where did you get the original Kosada code from (or maybe it was just the standard stateless patch node?) ? Are they publishing the source code for the stock nodes in the Community Edition?  

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Yes, all the stock CE nodes are either on Github Github Vuo in the “node” folder Node.

Or you can also download them from the Vuo website, under “” from the latest release : Vuo downloads.

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thanks for the links @Bodysoulspirit!

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beast node! wicked useful.

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Thanks @krezrock ! ;) Glad it’s useful !