MIDI Input from Maschine MK2


I want to trigger some stuff in VUO with my Native Instruments Maschine Controller, but it seems like VUO does not receive any note from it.
I tried it with the ShowPianoRoll.vuo.

The controller drivers are installed and it also is showing up in the audio-MIDI setup.
I set the name from the audio-midi setup to a vuo.midi.make.input.name node and feed it then to the receive MIDI Event node, but still no input.
The pads on the controller trigger different notes on midi channel 1 and the controller is in midi mode.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Could you post your composition with the vuo.midi.make.input.name node?

Ni Maschine has two MIDI connections, one virtual and one physical. Both should be visible in the Audio/Midi setup. Make sure to use the virtual MIDI in/out, as the Maschine Controller MIDI in/out refers to the physical in/out of the controller.

I see only one MIDI Output from maschine in my Audio/Midi setup (see attached image). It’s not possible to change anything if i doubleclick on the maschine.

ShowPianoRoll_madloxxx.vuo (6.21 KB)

Try connecting a cable from Fire on Start to Make MIDI Input from Name.