mouse events

Steps causing the bug to occur

  1. open Show Mouse Clicks example composition
  2. attempt click, double click, etc
  3. display shows random results

Have you found a workaround?


Other notes

  • Vuo version: 2.3.2
  • macOS version: macOS
  • How severely does this bug affect you? It prevents me from completing a specific task with Vuo.

I would put this a “.5” higher than the available ranking for “how severely does this bug affect you”, but not at the top rating.

An example of VUO duplicating the functionality of the Quartz Composer mouse patch, and having no glitches occur on single/double/triple taps, would be extremely useful.

I don’t seem to encounter any bug related to the sample composition ?
What kind of random results are you getting ?
Showing wrong clicks types (eg single click if double click ?)

Tested with a MacBook Trackpad + an external Trackpad and the iMac


The Receive Mouse Clicks operates differently from Receive Mouse Buttons. Receive Mouse Clicks waits to determine if it should consider a sequence of press-and-releases as a single, double, or triple click.

As you have probably seen, @Bodysoulspirit provided an example of Vuo duplicating the functionality of the Quartz Composer mouse patch on your mouse question discussion. Right now we are not seeing anything that indicates a bug in the node. If you do continue to encounter problems, please provide a detailed description, and ideally, a video.

Hey thanks Jean.

That composition you reference isn’t relevant to the glitch aspect of this bug, though maybe it is relevant to the other notes about duplication of QC mouse functionality. There was an aspect of the screenshot of the graph, where one mouse node was feeding into the other mouse node button input, which I didn’t understand and had kept me from getting around to diving into that deeper. I didn’t realize that was considered an “approved” method, will make sure to check it out closely.

I believe the behavior you describe of the node “waiting” may be related to what seems to be a bug to me. However, I am doing what a believe to be double or triple clicks and not getting consistent results. Is it possible that I am doing them in too quick of a succession? How long should I expect before the node resets analysis after a tap gesture?  


It seems inappropriate to close a bug before asking for followup.

I also find the ability of other users to post within bug reports and have it effect a bug being closed or not to be odd to say the least.

I have done more testing and understand what the issue I was having with the node was. I am unsure, but I think that adding some clarity about this in the node documentation may be worthwhile. I am unsure if modifying behavior of the node is possible or not.

Whether something is considered a single, double, or triple click, is defined by whether or not the node has output a result yet. Meaning, a user can do a single, double, or triple click…but if they tap again before the node has output a result, that tap will be added.

What still feels buggy about this is that a user can do a double click, wait a pause that was longer than the time it took to do the double click, and then do a single click…yet the additional single tap makes the node output that it was a triple click.

When I commit a double click action in every other macos app I have tested, then do a single click immediately after, I get the expected functionality and timing result.  

For Receive Mouse Clicks, Vuo uses the macOS standard double-click interval specified in System Preferences > Mouse > Double-Click speed.

Since double-clicks are common and triple-clicks are rare, we can see that it might make sense to be able to turn off triple-click detection, so a composition can immediately be notified when a double-click has occurred (and then be notified of a subsequent single-click). If anyone’s interested in having that option, please create a feature request so the community can vote on how to prioritize it.