Music Player

Hi to all,

I would like to know if is possible to create a simple music player that can read a particular playlist from itunes and outputs to a separate sound card output.

Thank you in advance for any reply and best regards
Vasco Martins

[Edit: Yes, you can now use the Fetch XML Tree node to read an iTunes playlist.]

Hi, Vasco. As of Vuo 1.2, Vuo doesn’t yet have a way to read iTunes playlists. (Feel free to submit a feature request for that.)

But if you take iTunes out of the equation, it’s pretty easy to make a music player in Vuo. Create a few folders, each with your MP3s in numeric order. Use Vuo’s List Files node to get a list of the playlists, and Cycle Through List to choose the current playlist. Then use List Files to get the MP3s in the current playlist, Cycle Through List and Play Audio File to read each file, and Send Live Audio to output to a specific sound card.  

Hi Steve, thanks for the fast reply.

This would be a great feature, to be able to get the track information from a itunes playlist, rescan it automatically and play it in a selectable output.
If this was possible I could use itunes as a pre listener and use vuo for the main output and any changes I was doing in the playlist would reflect automatically.

There are some players that can read itunes playlists, but they don’t rescan the files automatically, you have to close the application and open again so it misses the purpose in my opinion. I can’t seem to find any player on the market that does this !

Thanks for the support, I’ll add the request in any case and hope the feature gets implemented.
Personally I would by the software just for this reason.

best regards