Node that records data to a text file and plays it back

  • To record gestures from mouse, midi controller, OSC, etc.
  • Ability to save data in Vuo comp or export as txt, etc.
  • Ability to export .mov with recorded data.
  • @jersmi, what all kinds of data would you want to record? You mentioned mouse, MIDI, OSC. What about keyboard, Leap Motion, live audio, and others seen by typing “receive” into the Node Library? The reason I ask is because some of these devices would be more complicated than others to record and play back accurately, and trying to do them all would be a pretty hefty development effort.

    I see what you mean.

    I think of general “controller data” type stuff – midi, OSC, mouse, keyboard, as well as Wave, Curve, scheduled events, too? The low bandwidth stuff – not audio, not image/texture, not video. I would imagine input to be typical Vuo data types, real, integer, 1Dpoint, 2Dpoint, 3Dpoint, 4Dpoint, maybe text?

    Also, perhaps should allow reading/writing data to/from file, maybe along with file tools coming in the next release?

    Hey @jersmi I have a custom node that saves a CSV file of list data. Which I’m sure team Vuo will be using a much better version when they bring out the real thing. But from using my node with enqueue events and mouse data I realised that they are very similar.

    Saving data values against a time stamp (think xyzw floats or int) would be a simple start. Otherwise it could be a timestamp and text field (text fields can be anything’s but you have to do work getting it in and out)

    Maybe this request could be re-worked like an enqueue node with a time, save enqueue event/ load event and filename port?

    The only difference would be that because we are using a timestamp we can then do linear interpolation between points if they don’t line up with current frame rate (such as if you captured mouse xy points at window refresh rate (60fps) yet rendered out a composition at 24 fps. Without timestamp those points will simply playback at different speed.

    Hey @jersmi I have a custom node that saves a CSV file of list data.

    Awesome, sounds like something to try! :-)

    I could be wrong but I thought @smokris was (at least partly if not mostly) behind the Kineme Value Historian for QC. Presumptuous, perhaps, but this precedent makes me expect something a-ok from Team Vuo (if they consider it a go).

    I think Team Vuo are very humble when it comes to their work, for me Kineme (TeamVuo) made QC usable on so many levels. Even now Kineme webpage is active and people are discussing Kineme QC plugins! Such an amazing legacy, which is now transitioning into Vuo!

    However also remember that Vuo has only been up and running for 3 years, so early days yet, especially in Software Design years!

    My node is very rough, but I will post it if you need something now, and can’t wait till 1.3! (I know I am finding it hard to wait as well! Looking forward to squashing Alpha Bugs!)

    Cool, something like Kineme Value Historian would be doable. (At first I thought you were asking for something more like the feature request I just spawned, In-editor recording and playback (simulation) of Receive* nodes.

    Clarified title and opened for voting.

    I was definitely asking for something like the FR you spawned (In-editor recording and playback (simulation) of Receive* nodes). Though this is cool, too – overlapping concepts. @alexmitchellmus’s csv + solutions are on the mark (as usual).

    Chosen to be implemented.

    Released in Vuo 1.2.6