Noise Generator, but for Pulp Textures & Natural Fabrics.

I love the numerous options available for emulating film and consumer vhs tapes. Got me thinking something similar would be great for the textures of old pulp-fiction, vintage literature. Even natural fabrics would be very useful (linen, jute, burlap). In the past I’ve gotten lucky and emulated some basic fabric patterns using altered iterations, but as for pulp (grainy, literary texture) it seems like a combination of a random/noise generator and random shape/color generator may work, since some fibers are larger and of differing tone when you look through old books.

I get that I could always use an image texture, but sometimes the ones online are limited, overused, or just feel less original. Scanning is a great option too but I currently don’t have a scanner, and sometimes it is tricky to track down the exact texture you are looking for in the wild. Some type of generator could be flexible for different projects and allow alterations image textures just don’t allow, wether in post or live performance setting. Any thoughts?

I’ve just noticed the ISF Halftone Filter “Dot Screen” (by Vidvox) is great for emulating the subtle textures of old book covers. and some fabrics. Import into Vuo, crank up the size meter to max and adjust the angle meter for a wide range of familiar, subtle patterns (