Option to show linear cables

Suggested by @George_Toledo, agreed with by @vade.

  • Add a View > Use Linear Cables menu item (persist in user preferences).
  • Make linear cables disabled by default.
  • When enabled, cables would always be straight lines (neither curved nor octilinear).

Pledged 1 credit towards this.

I think a lot of headway has been made with the noodle rendering, and it is really rather good in many ways, but wow am I longing for this.

I notice that this FR was spun out of some comments, and to refine my thought on that…

Can I add to this FR that I would like to have no drop shadows/noodle texturing? All like the fire cables but maybe a bit thicker? Just like kinemecore.

Really, the basic kinemecore editor options would be fantastic.

That said, if it is a really big in depth thing, do not spend the time. It feels like it probably must have turned into that or it would have been done…

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i keep pushing for thin cables/wires for data and dashed lines for events. i presented images. i push this barrow again.

I see the noodles move around and create paths, and I have to say that there is a feeling of being impressed.

And yet:

Now, I don’t want to over inflate this as an issue, but note Channel 1 and Channel 2 inputs on the Make Image With Shadertoy node. I don’t think that’s very clear. Now, you look at the other side of the node, and if you don’t have issues with lining up the horizontal line segments on each side of the node…you can probably understand what is happening and that the connection is actually to Channel 1.

If it was a linear noodle, and nodes slightly transparent, I think it would be much clearer what is happening in the graph. I think it would also look tidier.

Sometimes there are arguments for style over pure function. I think this is a case where opinions about noodle rendering aesthetics can just be very individual and almost arbitrary. But a linear noodle takes less line segments and is more efficient to render. I also think being able to see a connection go from point A to point B, in a straight line, is just something all of our minds natively understand how to process.

Whereas right now, there is this kind of more sophisticated rendering technique to the noodles that takes more line segments to render, and is also having a side effect of making the graph illegible, at least in this instance. Again, not to overhype this as a problem either. And to also emphasize…I am also impressed by the developments in the current noodle rendering! There is something nice to it regardless of a quirk like the screenshot.