Pixel Mirror missing some spots

Hello community, happy new year to everyone :)

I’m stuck with a problem. I created a grid of 2D points, and want this points to get the color of the pixel of an image in the correct position. Things work fine if I render only one frame, but if I make it animated, connected with the mouse, some spots of the grid don’t appear, in the bottom right corner.

Anyone knows why?

And more important, is there a better way to make a Pixel Mirror? The way I made is a little slow.


CompVuo.zip (1.53 MB)

The sample color from image node needs a hold node in front of it (between resize image), also both hold nodes will need to be triggered from the “process item” port, not the showed window.

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Thanks for your fast reply Magneson, I will try that ;)

Yep, see Why is the output of Process List getting jumbled? for more info.

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thanks Jaymie, I really think this is the solution :)  

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