Play Movie and white noise problem

Hi all,

I’ve having a problem with a composition that randomly selects audio narrations, images and videos for playback. It seems to work fine on a small test version such as the attached but when I expand the scope of the lists (e.g. narrations, images, videos w/ sound) the video playback audio becomes white noise and can crash the composition more frequently than what it already does. I am running Yosemite 10.10.2 and Vuo 1.2a3.

Also I’m having a small problem figuring out had to get the video playback to start from the first frame as it appears that it still has the last frame from the previous still in the cache when it loads and plays.

Thanks for any help. (142 MB)

A few things that might fix your problem —

  1. Vuo 1.2 alpha 4 is coming soon. It fixes some video issues that were in alpha 3, in which some video changes were still a work in progress.

  2. One reason that audio might come out as white noise is if the Send Live Audio node isn’t getting a steady stream of events at the correct rate. If you click on the Send Channels port to open the popover, you can see the rate at which it’s receiving events. Ideally it should always say 93.75 (since the node sends chunks of 512 samples at 48000 samples per second; 48000/512 = 93.75). If it’s varying from that rate, maybe there are extra events going into it from some trigger other than Requested Channels. To debug a problem like that, what I might do is make a copy of the composition and cut it down until I can easily see what all is sending events downstream into the Send Live Audio node.

  3. It looks like your composition is sending movie files into Send Live Audio and audio files into Play Movie. Things might generally work better if you sort them so that only audio files go to audio nodes and only movie files go to movie nodes. The File Type port on List Files might be helpful here.