Pong game clone

Demonstrates the use of Vuo to create a simple game.

Here’s a Pong clone using the bouncing ball algorithm posted previously in the composition gallery. I haven’t refactored the composition so it looks a bit messy.

Player 1 keys are W and S, Player 2 keys are P and L.

Video has some sound too.


Player 1 keys are W and S, Player 2 keys are P and L.

pong export.zip (45.6 KB)

Pong.app.zip (6.68 MB)


Nice! I appreciate the commenting in your comps – your “best practices” at work. :-)

If I was to add something it might be a smoother on the paddle movement to get a bit more organic response from it. The built-in hold/repeat is a little slow, too, eh? I notice that the ball/right paddle collision is a little off (in the video, too).

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Hi @jersmi well spotted on the collision detection on the RHS paddle. I’ll go back to this and make the paddles move more smoothly. I could also have sub-patched the composition and arrange nodes more clearly I guess. I appreciate your feedback and challenges to help me learn…

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