Possible bug? Mouse positions never get to full value

Doing some testing with the Receive Mouse Moves node, App Focus set to Any, never produces the full value I’m expecting.

For example, on a 900 point-high MacBook Air, the height value will only ever get to 899.98

Is this what the system reports back? I’m not sure if a bug, or just how the system actually reports this stuff??

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 1.31.18 pm.png

(I am surprised that mouse position is floating point)

Big Sur, M1

That’s pretty much how the system reports it. On my MacBook Pro screen, which is also 900 points high, the Y-coordinates that macOS reports range from 0.02 (bottom) to 900 (top). The only change that Vuo makes is to flip them vertically, so they range from 0 (top) to 899.8 (bottom).