Problems exporting composition as an app

Dear Vuo community,

I have created a Vuo composition that I want to share with my music teaching team. I exported it as an app, but when they open it, all they get is a lots of lines of code.

Can anybody suggest what might have gone wrong?

I’m on mac OS version 10.14.6
and Vuo version

Thanks in advance,


maybe this is a bit too obvious but are they using windows? vuo only works on mac

they are on mac @video_piglet. sorry I should have confirmed that in the initial post

@Tom_Ashe, how are you distributing the app to your team? If you’re sending the .app file itself, I wonder if it’s somehow getting corrupted in transit. Have you tried zipping the app and sending the .zip file?  

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@jstrecker I was sending the .app file via Google Drive, but I zipped it like you said and that solved the problem. Thank you so much! Tom

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