Process list Example composition not fetching the image urls…

Trying to remember how to create my own data lists (dynamically using starting integers, required list length and some random dynamics).

Loaded the example composition for Process List titled “Display Grid of Images”, the composition gets the urls of sample images in the macOS Library/User Pictures/… folder and sub-folders., well it’s supposed to but its an empty list every time

I tried copying the User Images folder to my desktop in case this was some kinda permissions issue, and I then dragged the copy onto the canvas in Vuo Editor to make sure the folder destination was correct. Still not working. Empty url list…

What am I missing here? (and yes Vuo has access to my Desktop set in System Settings > Security)

Screenshot 2023-02-16 at 1.59.44 am.pngT

Process List seems like the right way to make my own lists of ints or reals. If I got that wrong please advice otherwise. I lost a lot of old Vuo files so I don’t have past work to go back and re-familiarise myself. EDIT now I’m using Enqueue which was my first hunch… but it takes a window refresh to iterate one step through the list creation and I was trying to do it all in one graph execution… like Process List does. Figured make an empty list the required length then populate it…

EDIT:> So I found using enqueue I can fire 1000 refreshes a second at it using the Fire Periodically node set to 0.001 seconds at a Count within Range node feeding the Enqueue. Still trying to figure out how to more complex calculations beyond that…and get them Enqueued.

Which macOS version are you on ?
Tried loading the same example file and they didn’t launch for me either.
Checking the images in the Desktop Pictures folder, Apple uses .heic now in macOS Ventura.

Using another folder with .jpeg files the example composition works.
So must be Vuo that doesn’t recognize .heic files.


Thanks @bodysoulspirit. I nearly looked for my own folder of images but then dragged that lot onto the desktop — that figures!

@useful_design, thanks for reporting the problem with the “Display Grid of Images” example composition. @Bodysoulspirit, thanks for troubleshooting.

We’d already started working on HEIC support, in order to maintain compatibility with recent macOS versions, so we’ll wrap that up and include it in an upcoming release.

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Sounds good @jstrecker.