PTZ Camera HTTP CGI control

I have a PTZOptics camera that I want to control with a game controller through Vuo. The camera supports various communication protocols (VISCA, UDP, TCP, HTTP CGI). At first, my idea was to send the commands through UDP over the OSC protocol in Vuo, since OSC communicates basically through UDP. But I had problems with the messages I was sending since OSC does not send a raw UDP message. So I tried the HTTP CG protocol, through the “Open Document” and “Open URL in Browser” nodes sending a message like this: "http: // [Camera IP] /cgi-bin/ptzctrl.cgi?ptzcmd& [ action] & [pan speed] & [tilt speed] ". Through this method I get control of the camera but I can’t prevent Safari from opening with every movement of the controller. Is there any possibility of preventing the browser from opening, or that a normal UDP message can be sent through the Osc node?
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Have you tried Fetch Data? That node performs an HTTP GET request. That approach may work better.

Hi Jean Marie,
I have tested the “Fetch Data” node and am having problems. The first order seems to be well received, but then Vuo immediately closes. With the “Open Document” and “Open URL in Browser” nodes the messages are sent correctly but many Safari windows open. I enclose the composition and the crash file in case it can help determine what is going on.
Thank you.  

Arcade PTZ.vuo (28.6 KB) (27.7 KB)


Thanks for sending the crash report. We think we have a fix for this problem, but we won’t be able to test it completely because we don’t have a PTZOptics Camera. We’ll include it in our next release.

That is great. Thanks

@jandraka, we attempted to fix this in Vuo 2.1.0. If you’re still having problems with the latest version of Vuo, please let us know.

Hi Jaymie,
I have done a quick test and it works perfectly. Amazing !!
Great work!

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