Push rendering optimisation

Are there any techniques to save me from processing nodes that are not resultant in the output, like a pull render system?
Imagine I have a generator like a noise image being driven by current frame, that then goes into some image filters individually like mirror, color effects etc. and I want to switch between each, ie just noise, noise with mirror, noise with color, with a “get items from list” .
If I do this, all of the nodes will be processing even though theyre not selected and their output is going nowhere.
Do I really need to have separate generators for each option, to pretty much just bypass some effects? Still getting used to optimising push systems and would appreciate any tips or examples. Thanks.

Not sure what you mean with different generators but I think a somehow related Feature is Option to temporarily disable/turn off nodes

What about using Select Output 8 if you only want one at the time and have max. 8 (can’t wait for more inputs/outputs then 8 on those nodes) and connect all the filters to a Select latest 8 ? Then only 1 will be processed.

2017-03-20 13.58.14.png

Or if you want to disable some nodes inline and some other not it gets tougher and that FR will be welcome. Some tests tough :

2017-03-20 14.18.15.png

Just some ideas, there may be some error in my methods tough but I think not  

On - Off Lines Nodes.vuo (6 KB)

On - Off Nodes In Line.vuo (5.19 KB)

Only One Filter.vuo (2.69 KB)

Oops I could perhaps have written this an answer rather then a comment, I always misclick between those :(

@Bodysoulspirit, I changed your comment to an answer.

We need something like a get item from list with expanding input drawer that blocks unselected upstream nodes.