Questions about ML models & techniques for feature requests


First, in response to Image segmentation for people - background, the best path might be for you to add to the ML-based background remover feature request more specific scenarios and skeleton parts (fingers, feet, etc.) that you’d like supported. That might encourage other community members to add theirs too. Then, whenever we are able to work on this, we’ll have information to cover the specific cases the community is interested in. At that time, we can pick the best library or libraries to implement. As for all feature requests that include external libraries, we’re limited to incorporating those libraries whose licenses are compatible with Vuo’s license.

Second, we’ve changed the title on what was Node set for skeletal tracking with kinect to reflect that we might implement a solution that doesn’t need a depth camera.

Third, If you create a feature request for Face Landmark Detection, we’ll need to know more about what you want to do. There is a difference between outputting a a list of points (MediaPipe) and a mesh. So the solution here would be to investigate libraries and determine an appropriate workflow.

Thanks for your continued interest in and support of Vuo!