Quicktime is Dead (Quicktime Library)

Just a recap of the Windows Quicktime (and cross-platform Quicktime) End of Life status:

This is old’ish news but its great to recap.

It looks like Vuo will be immune from any, or all Quicktime issues, (not only due to it not being on Windows) but also because .mov videos are loaded and exported by either the FFMPEG or AVFoundation libraries. Thanks Team Vuo!!!


Immune to many QuickTime issues, yes :) Vuo does use FFMpeg and AVFoundation for video playing. Vuo uses QuickTime for video capture, though — added back when Vuo still supported Mac OS 10.6, so we couldn’t use AVFoundation — so there is a bit to update at some point.

Ahh, there is a request for that yes? For Blackmagic capture I think, but for all capture?

support for Magewell capture devices would be a smart addition. As Blackmagic cards have become unreliable.

@krezrock, could you create a feature request for Magewell devices and include the specific model(s) you’d be interested in?

@alexmitchellmus, we have an internal FR for rewriting video capture with AVFoundation, but not a public FR. I see in our notes that a possible advantage of using AVFoundation is it may provide better support for newer devices, and a possible disadvantage is it may break support for older devices (those that provide QuickTime drivers but not AVFoundation drivers). So there’s some investigation involved.

More so than a public FR, I think what would lend urgency to the AVFoundation rewrite would be just knowing for sure of specific things that would be fixed or improved by it. If you’ve got any, let us know :)

@jstrecker done: https://community.vuo.org/t/-/5539

Many webcams use UVC, I don’t know if AVFoundation has native drivers for that, but obviously that would be a large target.