Receive Leap Frame not working with current Vuo version + original Leap Motion controller

I just downloaded the new UltraLeap Motion v5.16.0 Beta for MacOS and dug out my ORIGINAL Leap motion controller and can confirm that it is running properly in MacOS with the Beta again. Then I decided to play around a little in Vuo and attempted to run some of the Leap examples included with Vuo to reacquaint myself with them and can’t get any of them working with my Leap. The Receive Leap Frame node is showing a value of -1 when run. This is the original Leap so I thought it was working still. Any ideas?

It’s possible that the new UltraLeap drivers you just downloaded don’t support applications built using the old Leap Motion SDK. Do Vuo’s Leap Motion examples work if you reinstall the old (Intel-only) drivers?

You were correct Jaymie, the updated UltraLeap Gemini drivers break functionality. Reinstalling the old drivers got it working again. I found its tracking capabilities to be much more robust with the new drivers, it could even keep track of my fingers when I interlocked them which the old version could not. It’s also Apple silicon compatible. Would it be difficult to update Vuo for the new UltraLeap Gemini drivers or is that a big undertaking?

The new Gemini SDK is significantly different — the API changed, and some features were added and removed. Our plan is to study the new API and rework Vuo’s set of Leap Motion nodes to accommodate the changes. We’re tentatively planning to work on this for the Vuo 2.5 release.