Receive Midi Events


I would like to make a composition similar to that I made with quartz composer here:

quartz composer + ableton midi test

(ableton enable the sprites via midi out (notes on/off > sprite on/off)

I make this with vuo:
Vuo Midi test

but i have two questions:

  1. for enabling/disabling the square, i used a workaround scaling to 0 (isnoteon > convert to integer > scale).

what are other ways of doing the same thing?

  1. in my example all notes trigger a single square.

how to extract the notes in order to associate a single note to a single square?

thank you!


  1. You could connect the “Make 3d Object” to a “Select Input” with the other option being empty. This will work, but I’m not sure if it’s somehow bad practice to feed an empty object to the renderer. Probably ok though. You could use the select input in other ways too to get the same result.

  2. You can use the “Are Equal” to check the note. You would probably need to add a bit more logic to get this fully working like you want to, but this would be the start. See the picture:

I’m not sure if it’s somehow bad practice to feed an empty object to the renderer

Feeding an empty object to Render Scene to Window/Image is OK.

(If it behaves oddly, it’s a bug and we’d like to know about it. :^] )

As @mnstri said, using Select Input to toggle between the presence and absence of an object is a good practice.

If you’d only like to respond to certain MIDI notes, you could use the Filter MIDI Note node — that node will only pass the MIDI note events that match the criteria you specify.

ok. all works perfectly now. this is the png of my composition (video very soon):

VUO + Ableton Live

thank you all!

here the video !

VUO + Midi + ableton live composition test from ape5 on Vimeo.