Sample Compositions

Not sure if this was mentioned in some previous release notes, but it took me a while to realize that Sample Compositions are now bundled inside the app and not separate download, and accessible in File > Open Example !


@joeladria, thanks for pointing that out! The File > Open Example menu was added in version 0.5.2.

Another way to see the example compositions is via the node set documentation (click on a node in the Node Library, click on the link to node set documentation). That’s handy because it gives a description of each example.

It would be nice if these would continue to be available as an individual download. Thanks!

@George_Toledo: Curious — since they’re already provided with the Editor, why would a separate download be useful?  

So it would be possible to view them all at once, mainly. As in, being able to see all the titles at a glance, or change the organization.

@George_Toledo: In Vuo 0.6.0, we brought back the composition examples archive (it’s available on the Download page).