Scene object texture mapping errors in single frames when exporting movie

I have an issue with an image generator composition containing the planetary system. Basically some textured spheres rotating around themselves and orbiting a centered sphere (the sun ;).
When running live it looks fine, but in exported movies repeatedly single frames show mismapped textures (most affected are earth and saturn rings). I tried data hold, but it didn’t solve the problem.

Did anyone encounter similar problems with textures? Do you have an idea how this could be improved? I’m stuck.

Uploaded a mov where you can see the issue on the earth texture.
Also attached the composition itself.

Planets.vuo (125 KB) (34.9 MB)

Found a workaround by exporting from realtime composition using a generated fake time with counter that I use as timestamp for frames which I store to a movie file. The generated file is perfectly clean. Still would be grateful if I could prevent this workaround.

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