screen dimen. Help

hi all
New to vuo.
my first composition base on a example file

inshort my cube compositon is not being diplay
any help welcome (8.29 MB)

In your composition, in the Fetch Image nodes, I changed the URLs to use relative paths to the images, since they’re in the pics folder beside the composition. For example, pics/bacan.png. Now that Vuo can find the images, I fired a new event (right-click on Fire on Start’s Started port), and I see the front image on the cube. (8.29 MB)

Thank you
I am working with Osc via osculator
when I run the the comp images show
when Osculator is running and run the comp images goes to a corner
zip file has image path fix and screenshot of problem ( if you like you can downln a test version of Osculator to run files )

thanks in advance (8.33 MB)

Take a look at your Make Transform node:

The Translation port is moving it upward, rightward, and forward.

If you set the Translation to (0,0,0), the cube will come back home.  

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 19.02.48.png

thanks been watching the tutorials they are great ! need more
I like to know how to add a particle system or other patch to the background ( can not figure that yet )
and then the full screen

cubilpha2.vuo (8.13 KB)

Cool, from your cubilpha2.vuo composition, it looks like you’re getting the hang of it. You can add more objects to the scene by expanding the Objects drawer on the Render Scene to Window node, then connecting your objects there.

Vuo doesn’t yet have a built-in particle system, but @vjsatoshi has shared a Particle Emitter node.

You can switch to fullscreen mode by clicking on the “Vuo Scene” window, then clicking on the View > Full Screen menu.

today is my first vuo day
input and out of the box tools will make vuo cooooler
example a kinec body {hand tracker} to {example} generate particles
will inspire a lot of ideas and perhaps make vuo a super awesome intro to coding tool and keep the geekines avaliable tooo.
I love vuo.