scrolling data

“Receive Mouse Scroll” only outputs the scrolled distance from previous position. This means if moves (from “a” to “b” and then to “a”), all in a single scroll action.
¿Can it possible to outputs the distance from “cero” and forth or back without going back to previous. This will be something like: (“a” to “b”) in one scroll, (“b” to “c”) in second scroll, (“c” to “a”) in a third scroll.
It will be like the scroll on a web browser where we start at some point an then go down or up with every scroll.

The effect I want to achieve is something like parallax scrolling.


Yes, you can keep track of the total scroll amount by connecting the output of Receive Mouse Scrolls to the Count node’s Increment input. I made this composition to demonstrate: Parallax Scrolling.