Show a trail / history chart of data values in numeric port popovers

In touch there is a Trail object that can visualize streams of data. Something similar would be nice to visualize your live data.

I’ve opened this feature request for community voting.

Do you mean TouchDesigner’s Trail CHOP? (It looks like TouchDesigner’s Trace SOP does something else.)

Do you envision this being a Vuo Editor feature (to appear in popovers when you click on numeric ports), or a node that outputs images (to be displayed in your composition’s graphical output windows)?

Yes, corrected to Trail node. I envisioned it as a utility node or Vuo Editor feature rather than an output. visualize your wave and curve nodes in the Comp for example.

OK, thanks for clarifying. I updated the title to describe how I envision this working as a Vuo Editor feature.

Can this feature request include a Vuo API function for publishing content to a Vuo editor pop up window? (That isn’t published to comp). So for working in editor only.

It would be nice to be able to code custom nodes that have an additional GUI. (Such as display and controls)

Maybe a node can call a Vuo composition to render a GUI? And simply publish inputs and outputs and a published view (window).

@alexmitchellmus, we had some ideas about this internally, which I just turned into a public feature request: API to customize the display of data in constant flags and port popovers.