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Sorry if this is something basic or spoke in other thread, but I have an audio interface which I would like to record external audio coming from. I’m using a receive live audio and a save images to movie but my problem is that althought the composition is reacting to the incoming audio, nothing is recorded.

I think it is due that I should chose an an audio input (I have 6 available in the receive live audio node), but I don’t know how to select other different than the default one.

Any clue about? I was reading some threads and trying different things but the video is recorded with blank audio (I mean, no signal).

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Could this be the problem? Quoting from the Save Images to Movie node documentation:

Whether or not the movie has audio is determined within the first half second after the first image is received. If no audio is received during that time, then the movie won’t have an audio track.

That could explain how other parts of your composition are reacting to audio but nothing recorded.

If that doesn’t solve it, could share a small test composition that demonstrates the problem? Does the problem only happen for the one external audio interface, or also for other audio sources (e.g. built-in microphone)?

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The problem is only happening with my external card. It works when I select the built in microphone of my computer. So, I assume that I’m not selecting correctly the input of the interface.

Any clue?

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In Vuo’s console (Tools > Show Console), do you see any messages related to audio?

One guess — the problem might be related to the audio device’s sample rate. Vuo currently only supports 48 kHz.

If that does happen be the problem, here’s a workaround — In the macOS Audio MIDI Setup, create a Multi-Output Device, add the MOTU M2 device to it, and set the Multi-Output Device’s sample rate to 48kHz. Then, in Vuo, select the Multi-Output Device.

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I’m not seeing messsages related to audio in the console and i’m using 48khz. At the end I’ve found a workaround dropping previuosly recorded audio files inside Vuo. Is not live input, but I can get more or less the same I wanted.


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By the way, this is what I guess I should see in order to choose the correct input:

This screenshot is coming from Resolume Avenue. Is there any possibility of getting something similar to this?


From your screenshot, this is a guess but it looks like Resolume lists the MOTU device’s 6 input channels first, followed by those same channels grouped into 3 stereo pairs.

In Vuo, the Receive Live Audio node outputs audio from all channels from the Received Channels port. If you want to use just channels 5 and 6 in your composition (same as selected in your screenshot), you can use a vuo.list node such as Cut List to select them from the list.

Actually, does that solve your problem with Save Images to Movie? In your original composition, you would have been feeding 6 channels of audio into that node. If your movie player was only playing channels 1 and 2, that might explain why you weren’t hearing any audio.

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Thanks Jaymie! It worked :) Now it is recorded correctly! :clap: