split text node

textfile2.txt (290 Bytes)textfile2.txt (290 Bytes)text from file collage.vuo (18.8 KB)text from file collage.vuo (18.8 KB)I made this composition in which words are taken from a text-file (which is being edited during the performance) and are stacked on the screen in an irregular way.
I have a couple of questions:
How to only take the last added text? If I use “last item” as the output for the split-text-node, it produces nothing on the screen.
How to change the separator from a “space” to something else, so it picks a line instead of a word and adds it to the screen?


Text is encoded in Vuo as UTF-8, using unsigned bytes (0 to 255). For our purposes, as ASCII decimal numbers. A line break (line feed) is 10, a space is 32. You can enter a line break into a Vuo text input port by pressing alt and return.

The attached simple composition shows splitting a multi-line text input into lines using the line break separator. You can then use either Get Last Item In List or Take Item from List. You can see the results by clicking on the output ports to see the port popovers.

Split-text-on-line-break.vuo (1.27 KB)