Status of 3rd-party nodes in Vuo 2.0.0-beta1

Here are test results for all nodes in the node gallery, as of today, in Vuo 2.0.0-beta1.

I only checked if the nodes could be installed and run with their default inputs without crashing. I didn’t check if the outputs are correct.

A few times while testing, Vuo (the editor) crashed. However, none of these crashes were consistently caused by any particular node. The “composition crashes” noted in the table below are consistent with a particular node.

Please let me know if you have any corrections. I don’t expect to keep this table updated after the beta testing period. If you’re reading this after Vuo 2.0.0 has been released, please instead check the “Tested with” section for the node (or node set) in the node gallery.

Install node Run Fire on Start -> Node OK
awm.list.make OK
awm.midi.note.frequency.scala OK composition crashes composition crashes
co.parabox.layer.sceneObject composition crashes
co.parabox.mesh.get composition crashes
co.parabox.mesh.triangle composition crashes
co.parabox.scene.get.mesh composition crashes
co.parabox.shader.make.glsl error linking module cache composition fails to start
co.parabox.time.get no input or trigger ports
co.parabox — all other OK
gtoledo.Arc.Generator OK
gtoledo.AshimaNoise.Filter OK
gtoledo.blendMap.Filter OK
gtoledo.Bokeh.Filter OK
gtoledo.Circle.Generator OK
gtoledo.CustomHeightfieldShader OK
gtoledo.DucksFractal.Generator OK
gtoledo.Emboss.Filter OK
gtoledo.Hex.Filter OK
gtoledo.HSL.Filter OK
gtoledo.hueRotate.Filter OK
gtoledo.Julia.Filter OK
gtoledo.Kuwahara.Filter OK
gtoledo.letterBox.Filter OK
gtoledo.NoiseDiffusion001.Filter OK
gtoledo.Pulse.Filter OK
gtoledo.ReactionDiffusion001.Filter OK
gtoledo.scene.heightfieldDeform composition crashes
gtoledo.softPixellate.Filter OK
gtoledo.superShape.Generator OK
gtoledo.Water.Filter OK
Magneson.ListTools — all OK
magneson.spiro OK
Magneson.Utilities.CosineList OK
Magneson.Utilities.DegreesAlongCircle OK
Magneson.Utilities.Lerp OK
Magneson.Utilities.LerpListReal OK
Magneson.Utilities.SineList OK
Magneson.Utilities.TangentList OK
MM.Points — all OK
smokris.make.glitch.image OK
smokris.make.glitch.points OK
smokris.object.reinterpret composition crashes
smokris.osc.message.get.list OK
smokris.snapshot OK
stv.Gen3DFractalTriangle1 OK
stv.GenCircle OK
stv.GenList3DpointDistortionSphereForLine OK
stv.GenMeshTriangleCube OK
stv.GenParticleEmitterL error parsing port metadata OK
stv.GenParticleEmitterRestricted OK
stv.GenParticleEmitterS OK
stv.GenRegularDodecahedronS no input or trigger ports
stv.GenRegularHexahedronS no input or trigger ports
stv.GenRegularIcosahedronG OK
stv.GenRegularIcosahedronM OK
stv.GenRegularIcosahedronS no input or trigger ports
stv.GenRegularOctahedronS no input or trigger ports
stv.GenRegularTetrahedronS no input or trigger ports
stv.GenSphere OK
stv.Make3DobjectLineGrid composition crashes
stv.Make3DpointSphericalCoordinates OK
stv.Make3Dtransform OK
stv.MakeImageEcho OK
stv.MakeListMixItem3Dfrom3Dx2 OK
stv.MakeListRepeatItem1D OK
stv.MakeListRepeatItem3D OK
stv.MakeListSkipPickItem1D OK
stv.MakeMeshConvertParticleStrokesx2ToTriagle OK
stv.MakeMeshTriagle OK
stv.MakeTextAppendZero OK
stv.MakeWindowProperty OK
stv.MathChangeSpeed OK
stv.MathItem1DListLinearInterpolation OK
stv.MathItem1DListLinearInterpolation3 OK
stv.MathItem1DListLinearInterpolation4 OK
stv.MathItem2DListLinearInterpolation OK
stv.MathItem2DListLinearInterpolation3 OK
stv.MathItem2DListLinearInterpolation4 OK
stv.MathItem3DListLinearInterpolation OK
stv.MathItem3DListLinearInterpolation3 OK
stv.MathItem3DListLinearInterpolation4 OK
stv.RecieveKinectDepthCustom error linking module cache when stv.RecieveKinectDepthPoint also installed OK
stv.RecieveKinectDepthPoint error linking module cache when stv.RecieveKinectDepthCustom also installed OK