Streaming Video from You tube

Hi All,

Ive searched but couldnt find any examples. Is it possible to stream video from say a you tube url ? The play video node wont accept http urls

As we understand it, YouTube doesn’t allow viewing videos outside their website, official apps, and embeds. If you are running macOS 10.13 or higher, you can try with “Make Image from Webpage.” The attached composition is from @smokris.

web-play-youtube.vuo (1.9 KB)

Hi Jean Marie,
I’ve tried the composition and stops after few seconds. I’m in Vuo 2.2.0 and OS 10.15.4.

Does the composition crash or hang? If so, please send the information in How do I make a helpful bug report. If not, it may be a buffering problem, but we don’t know how you could diagnose that.

It does the same for me. Starts and then goes black. I put it down to it being an image node rather than video?

Vuo no crash. As @dee says it starts and a few seconds later goes black.

We haven’t seen this. A few questions:

  • Does the whole window go black or just the region that shows the video? In other words, are the YouTube logo and the video title still visible?
  • Does it happen for all videos? Do shorter videos play, perhaps?
  • Does it happen for other streaming sites, such as Vimeo?

Hi Jean Marie,

  • Only the region that shows the video goes black

  • This happens with both short and longer videos.

  • With vimeo, for example, it’s the same.  

Yup, happens for me too.
Plays 1 or 3 seconds from the video, then the video area goes black. Bug ?

2 things,

• either add a mouse support node and click on the video, that reactives the video or
• use /embed ? For example with autoplay and hidden controls it works quite well

See joined comps

However, with embed and controls activated, with mouse support, I can play / pause, but not change volume, or access settings.
Guess that is some rendering engine limitations that could be updated ?

I also tried some higher resolutions, but got glitches, maybe because of my old hardware (which I could not replicate), but setting node resolution to 1920*1080 I get extreme low FPS, Vuo editor becoming slow etc.
Is it because the node needs to reload every time ? How would we be able to avoid that ?  

Normal - Mouse Click.vuo (2.42 KB)

Embed - Autoplay & Hidden Controls.vuo (1.94 KB)

Embed - Controls + Mouse.vuo (2.46 KB)


Thanks for your compositions, @Bodysoulspirit

I was able to mute or hear audio with a mouse click over the volume icon, but I wasn’t able to control the volume. We suspect that YouTube requires mouse hover events in order to show the volume control and other settings. We’re using Apple’s underlying implementation, and that doesn’t allow Vuo to send hover events to the web view.

Vuo captures images of the webpage using the most efficient method Apple provides.

Cool stuff! Here’s one of the NASA ISS live stream, the view of the earth from the International Space Station. Embed code worked!


NASA_ISS_LiveStream.vuo (4.16 KB)

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