Super shape Feedback

Vuo patch + FFGL

You can use FFGL to use this like source in vj programs like RESOLUME and VDMX

I make this set up Audioreactive with VDMX but you have all the parameters free for control like you want

SuperShape Feedback II.vuo (10.3 KB)

Super Shape Feedback (2.88 MB)


Hey Lucas , great composition thanks. Ive added my tweaks to it here- with trying to add fibonacci expression thanks to Huseyin Kuru and VUO. the compositions really come alive when the parameters are animated -by human or sound! tested in VDMX, Isadora and Resolume - working best in Isadora and Resolume for my system… FFGL plug-in and composition attached.  

SpiralFibFeedbackNICE2.vuo (19.7 KB) (7.35 MB)

I like the sound and sound response demonstrated in your clip Lucas.!

Hello @owlbert! good that it was useful to you!
Yes, Temel did a great job with that finonacci expression.
and definitely the animated parameters are the key, I animate them with VDMX, normally I leave the vuo files only with the animated parameters and then in VDMX I adapt them to each situation.

Thanks! Lucas

been having great fun again with VUO and VDMX now seeming to work really well again

cheers Paul. attached vuo/vdmx with light fx and mobile- test wip

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