Update for unsupported ISF FX

It would be great if all ISF effects will be working properly inside Vuo. So we can import ISFs from other software like VDMX or find more ISF effects from the internet and use them.

I think we need updates for PASSES, IMPORTED, AUDIO FFT, and IDENTITY.

Thank you very much in advance. Hope this improvement can be done soon.

We’re opening this up for voting, so the community can help us gauge interest and prioritize implementing it.


Thank you @jmcc I’m looking forward!

I also think this would be awesome and open up a whole lot of extra potential from wealth of existing isf work and development, cheers Owlbert

That’s a great idea, yes please. +1 votr

Yes, it will be awesome :) +1 vote Tom

+1 for brilliant idea!

definitely yes!!


+1 yes please

full support would be very nice +1