Using the Live Video Input node with a DLSR / GoPro / external camera

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I want to stream a live video feed into Vuo via the Receive Live Video node. I’m not sure what the camera make will be yet, but for testing purposes I tried connecting my Canon 7D to my laptop with the supplied AV out cable into my laptop’s USB port but my computer is not seeing it.

Should I be using the mini HDMI on the 7D to HDMI on my computer instead? In order to stream video and for my laptop to see it? Like this cable?

Does anyone have experience streaming a live feed into Vuo via another camera?


OK duh I’m learning here, of course I need the HDMI cable to transfer video. Then thinking of going into my Blackmagic Video Assist, there is a firmware update that means you can can connect the BMVA to your laptop via USB and your computer will see it as a webcam, so going to try that route.  

I believe you’ll need to convert the signal from HDMI to USB. Using a Magewell capture device or something along those lines. Sounds like that’s what you’re doing with the BMVA. Should work.

The newer Go Pro Hero 8’s or higher are different. I don’t think they require the capture device.  

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Thanks @krezrock! Yes so got a Mini HDMI cable from camera going into my Blackmagic HDMI input, did the BMCA firmware update and connected to laptop via USB and laptop sees the DSLR now as a webcam. Was wondering if the newer GoPros etc need a capture device or would be able to connect directly via USB. Will find out I guess and update this thread in case useful to anyone else :)  

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You bet! Let us know how them GoPro’s work out. That saves some cash if they don’t need a capture device.

For shows, I carry two Magewell’s in kit. One for HDMI camera’s and one SDI for longer runs. Depends on the length of the run.

Loving all the clips I’ve seen lately, looking great!  

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I confirm that Magewell HDMI2USB device works to get a camera with HDMI out into Vuo.


For something higher-end, it might be worth considering an NDI camera: — any of those should work with Vuo Pro’s Receive NDI Video node (but we haven’t tested them ourselves).

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Great infos… @krezrock so you have one of USB Capture HDMI and one USB Capture SDI? I think we’re going to use SDI instead due to distance from stage to front of house. These devices look nice and compact.

Good shout @jmcc regarding NDI, this was recommended as another option so will bookmark.

Yes. I have both as options. end up using one or the other for cameras. Runs to FOH definitely need SDI. The hdmi one comes in handy for capturing other sources or guests.

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Just remember to have proper network infrastructure if using NDI. With overhead, you can’t run too many 1080p streams on a 1Gbps network before you hit a chokepoint. 10 Gbps (or 100 if you have a very spacious budget) is preferrable. An alternative to the Magewells and BM Video Assist is the BM Web presenter which is a SDI to webcam solution.


Good to know this @MartinusMagneson

You can probably get the older TB2 BMD miniRecorder Ultrastudios 2nd hand for around US$50. The new USB-C/TB3 miniRecorders are $115 RRP (though for some reason are going for a lot more on eBay and Amazon).

Mine work well with Vuo, last mite I checked at least which was years ago. They accept both SDI and HDMI though you have to switch b/w HDMI and SDI in the BMD utility app, can’t do it any other way and occasionally it doesn’t play ball and switches itself back to SDI from HDMI after being disconnected in softare (but not mid-streaming thank goodness).  

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