Using VDMX ISF Effects with Vuo

Hi everyone!

For the last 6 months, I am using VDMX ISF Effects that are located in Macintosh HD/Library/Graphics/ISF. I copy them into my Vuo System Library and they become accessible in the node library.

I hope VDMX will not consider this as stealing :)) Forgive me, David :))

ISF effects that use PASSES key will not work properly in VUO. If you try, Vuo will warn you. But supported ISF effects will work fine.

I shared the screenshot of where the VDMX ISF effects are located.

Have fun with your new ISF effects!


this is cool for me because I can’t get VDMX 5 to run on my system ? so I can’t see what all the VDMX fun is about. I meet the system requirements ? so I’m not sure why VDMX 5 crashes when I try to run it. The demo however does install the ISF content to the Graphics folder so you don’t need to purchase these filters to try them in Vuo. It is a pretty exhaustive list of ISF shaders. Seems great for video FX or learning ISF shader coding. So Motus Lumina is a cool name. I have an old friend Heather Shaw that has a design studio along the same lines as you called Vita Motus you should check out some of her designs I bet you would like them.  

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Same collection, pretty sure:

There are other collections on github as well…

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