VDMX Support

@p8guitar, for an image generator to work in VDMX, you need to have cables connected to the published inputs and outputs (green sidebars). Notice the difference between your attached compositions and the ones under File > Open Example > Image Generators. Also see the Vuo Manual (PDF/HTML).

I’m not sure why SpinKaleidoscope.vuo wouldn’t work but GenerateCheckerboardImage.vuo would. I just tested that SpinKaleidoscope.vuo does work in Vuo 1.1.1. In what way does it not work? Are there any messages in Console?

More info on VDMX + Vuo versions: Are there plans to make Vuo a system-wide service?

The “IMG_3752.mov” which might explain the whole thin can not be played, I get an error message that the file is damaged.

It plays OK for me in QuickTime Player. Maybe try downloading again?