Video looper node - Butterworth's "Sampler" Quartz Composer clone

A Quartz Composer plugin I widely use in my QC compositions is “Sampler” by Tom Butterworth. It allows to loop live video, MIDI data, or any other values. I mainly use it for video frames and that would be enough for me. I’m aware that one could write a composition do achieve that right in Vuo - and I did - but the plugin is surely somehow more efficient. My looping composition in fact, if feeded with 1080 frames, quickly makes macbook fans running and cpu values raising - while Tom’s plugin seems by far more efficient.

Rather than possibly stepping on Tom’s toes by making this an official Vuo feature, how about if we help you get your version working, @cremaschi? It should be possible :) Could you post your composition and we’ll see why it’s not performing well?