Video Looper

Hi there! Im totally new to the world of Vuo. But curious about all the possibilities with this new found tool : )
I want to create a composition to record a video sequence and instantly play it again and again and… Then be able to make a new recording - maybe shrink the first video and place a second window for the new video. Now repeat this sequence so that you can loop 4 videos (or more). The main idea is to make a visual version of the voice/sound looper in Ableton… I want the sequence looper to be controlled by Osc.

Would this be possible with Vuo.

All the best and hope to hear from you soon…

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Welcome, @eurotrash! Cool idea. Vuo doesn’t yet have a node that can record a video sequence. We have plans to add such a node in the upcoming release (Vuo 0.8.0) or the one after. So, this should soon be possible, hopefully within the next month or two.

Great! Im looking forward to the video recorder node then… But you think that the instant looping wont be a problem?! Will I be able to make a ffgl composition that can be played in Resolume? Or what is the best way to play such a composition in Resolume?

Hey @Eurotrash,

Welcome! We’re currently working with Resolume to make this possible. Here’s an FAQ that can speak a little more to this:

@smokris will speak to your “instant looping” question in the near future.


MR Tmoles. Any news on the 0.8/0.9? or the instant looping node?

All the best. /Eurotrash

Almost. I’ll get back to you soon with more detail.

Hey Eurotrash,

Good news! Video looping will most likely be included in the 0.8 release. We’ll also try to include an example composition demonstrating video looping.

Looking forward!


Nice work Travis! Sounds just great to me…

Now its only the feature to deploy compositions as FFGL plugin, thats missing to communicate with Resolume directly : )

Looking forward to the 18/7


Hi again. Im started to look in to the 0.9 version. But i still got no way to actually record or loop the quicktime video or am I missing something? Also, is the schedule changed regarding the Blackmagic node? Hope that my subscription will last until it is released… Thats a huge part of why i got the premium subscription. All the best and nice work with the interface. Like the way to drag and drop content straight to the composition.

Hey @eurotrash,

Sorry for the delay. I wrote a response earlier, but clearly it didn’t make it. The built-in example composition, “Show Instant Replay” under vuo.list, shows how to enqueue a snippet from a movie and play it. You can use a similar system to record and playback live video. You can use the “Enqueue” node to capture live video frames. Once you have captured them, you can use them. There currently is no way to save live video to an external file.

In regard to Blackmagic, we tried to make very clear at the top of the roadmap: “This is an evolving and rough roadmap of where we’re headed. … Everything you see here is subject to change.” We’re very sorry if this throws anything off for you. If the community makes it clear that this should be a top priority, we’ll definitely reconsider. Perhaps create a feature request?

Hope this helps!