Vuo 2.0.1 Crashing on Start Up


I just downloaded Vuo 2.0.1 but I am not able to run any composition. When I hit RUN, it just stays blocked for a couple seconds and then nothing happens.
This happens with compositions I was working on, and also with the examples from the menu. It happens with all compositions.

I tried the tip from @ops: (V2.0 crashing on start up . . .)
→ Move folder (Modules) onto the Desktop, and relaunch.

But nothing changes.

Vuo 2.0 works fine.

I have the pro VUO
I am running MAC PRO , MOJAVE 10.14.6

Does anybody has this problem?


Same issue, went back to 2.0

We just released Vuo 2.0.2 which fixes the problem.

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Yes. Just tried 2.0.2.
Works Fine