Vuo equivalent of "if undefined"

Hey all,
I’m trying to figure out how to build a block structure in Vuo equivalent to an “if undefined” statement. Essentially, I have a subcomposition that may have incoming data, but otherwise should use defaults. I can see how one might do that with the “Select Input” and “Is ___ populated” nodes. Unfortunately though there’s no “is shader populated” node, which I would need in this case. There’s not some kind of generic “is undefined” node, is there? Or perhaps there’s another way?


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While I guess an “Is Shader Populated” coule be great, what type of shader is it ? Can you use another “Is Populated” node before the shader node, for example if it’s an image based shader ?
Also maybe play with the Select Latest node or the Changed node.

Will be easier to help if you either post your composition if you don’t care, or a snippet of it regarding the problem, or some screenshot ;)


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if a shader is not populated, its summary is “No shader”. So to check if it is populated or not, you could compare shader text summary with that exact string. Check the following example.



Thank you both for the responses.
Michele, this looks like exactly what I needed. No reason to complicate things with extra nodes that have limited utility (such as a “Is Shader Populated”). Checking a node’s summary seems like a useful technique to know in general, too.


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In Vuo 2.0.0 we replaced the type-specific Is * Populated nodes with an Is Populated node that handles all of them plus shaders.

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