Vuo / VDMX / Ableton Live audiovisual programming @ online

I just completed this VUO course with Motus Lumina…WOW! My brain is full. He covered the interaction of over 43 Projects…whole node sets, their purpose use, and interaction. I can’t recommend this course enough if you really want to know VUO, (or if you always really wished you had learned Quartz Composer—at least you can learn this.) It’s well worth the cost by a substantial factor. He also shares with you his projects, you can deconstruct them to your hearts content. I’m very pleased. Also he was very accommodating when i needed to reschedule so that was super nice, and he is too. I really want to thank Huseyin for providing this to the community. See you all on the Discord server…where i will be asking endless questions. Oh did i mention there’s a discord group? There is. …Graphics Card Crash… (you know, instead of mic drop ;-)