Vuo VJ Mixer

this is a simple VJ mixer app.

this app can use Syphon, Movie and Image.
(catch the Syphon server automaticaly. but movie and image, you need drag and drop to this app)

if you want use other Vuo app in this app, that needs Syphon output or app’s recorded movie.

fade type A is a simple mixing with opacity.
type B is a 2 steps mixing.
the first step, decrease background(Black) opacity.
the next is decrease image opacity.
so that is good to use for alpha-image mixing.

this app can use any resolusion(1280x720, 720x480, 1920x1080,etc).
but when you use many movie file that has high resolution, maybe cause “high memory pressher”.

that reason i don’t understand. (23 KB) (14.4 MB)


I encounter the same problem in my Projects when I load big Video Files in one Project my System is going crazy.