What about web graphics/ webGL?

It would be interesting to be able to deploy VUO graphs, to create WebGL type interactive graphics.

It seems like it might be an interesting way of achieving a type of cross platform compatibility.

It also seems like there had been a kind of uptick in cloud based computing, web apps, etc. I know I’ve been curious, and looking into that approach.

I’d like to get a little feedback before creating a feature request for it though.


I like the idea very much. I haven’t done much with websites in years, but I guess I’d finally get my page up & going if it were as easy as using Vuo. Writing the code for it from scratch would probably be quite a bit of work, but I see there are open source projects like Emscripten that ports c/c++ to HTML5/Java script that potentially could be a solution. I’m curious to hear Team Vuos thoughts on it.

oh shoot, I meant to put this in “Discussions”, but I guess it fits here too.

I think that two of the biggest areas of expansion for creative coding will be immersive VR, as well as the cloud/web based apps. I also think there has been a bit of a trend for apps to be able to work in a dedicated app format, as well as some sort of web format.

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if you look at certain application genres, they’re often split into online cloud based web-app solutions that usually involver multi-user (that’s an old term isn’t it!) and OS X/Win/Linux which tend more towards the individual user. I’ve been looking at personal project/time management solutions and there’s a really obvious division between the two. Web apps have the group-sharing/cloud anywhere accessible benefits while discrete desktop apps tend to be more powerful and more responsive for UX.

I know I talked to Steve and Jaymie a while back and half jokingly said if you can come up with a compile to web functionality (HTML5/CSS/JS) then you could be onto a solution that has massive cross over potential beyond creative coding. Steve said actually compile to native client in Chrome apps was a possibility down the track. So that’s avenue but WebGL is different of course. How hard is it to manually adapt OpenGL code to WebGL? it’s based on OpenGL ES 2.0 so can’t be that hard, I guess it’s building the DOM and JS around it that is the time consuming thing.

Found this thread as thinking about how cool it would be to add interactive Vuo pieces to a platform like www.hicetnunc.xyz!

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