Why is a layer in my comp blinking? (unexpected behaviour)

I’m playing around with some sort of smear effect.
I have a base image where I pick a small width from and smear that out over another layer which moves around.
After a little while that layer starts blinking randomly. I thought about it being the picker that moves out of the to-be-picked image, but that doesn’t seem the case.

What is happening here and what can I do to fix this?

This occurs on both an iMac 5K and the latest MacMini.

PAINT_SMEAR.zip (7.53 MB)


No I don’t know either why it is blinking. Perhaps due to some event cables, or a bug with the images on top.
Perhaps try with a Render Layers Ton Window instead, here with this method it does not flicker for me. May be better methods though.

PS : Put the vuo file in your same folder as the original one as it scans the folder WERKEN that has to be in the same folder as the file.


Painting Smear 1.1.vuo (19.1 KB)

Better version of the stretched layer method :

Painting Smear 1.2.vuo (18 KB)

We tested on a couple computers at Vuo HQ and are also seeing the flickering. Not seeing any problems with the event flow. I checked if the flickers coincided with the occasional events from Fire Periodically or Smooth with Duration : Reached Target, but they don’t.

@casdekker, have you found a solution? If not, I can convert your question to a bug report.

@Bodysoulspirit Thank you for this!

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@jstrecker Sorry for the late reply:

In the end I used multiple Render Layers To Window as suggested by @Bodysoulspirit. I needed the comp to split to multiple outputs. Two with the result as also shown by @Bodysoulspirit, one with a painting and a ‘line picker’ and one with only the ‘smeared’ output. This gave no flickering.

I don’t know if the issue is very common, but as described, working around it gave no flickering.

Photo’s of the result: https://tinyurl.com/paintsmear

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@casdekker the result looks very nice and cool ! Good job !