Workflow tip / Combine Nodes / Publishing

A little tip I thought I’d share.

I’ve built a few compositions and made connections to the Render Scene / Image To Window node. Then I’ve found myself going back to that composition and bang my head on the table when I want to use the composition in other host apps. Which means I need to publish an Image, not a Window.

After doing this a few times I’ve started to add a “null” Combine 3D Objects / Combine Layers to my comps. That way I don’t have to rebuild the scene if I choose to output to a window or an image. See reference image attached.

Cool, thanks for the tip! Maybe we can share this in a future newsletter.

I also like to hook up a Share Value node to the Requested Frame port of a Render Scene to Window node in case I ever want to switch to Render Layers to Window, or vice versa. And if I drag the Share Value node over to the far left of the composition, it neatens up the time cables so they’re straight instead of loopy.

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I’m all for sharing tips in the newsletter. I’ll give the Share Value node a try, as the render node is usually nowhere near data driver ports in my comps, good tip.