Write and read to remote file

Suspect this isnt possible, but i currently have an app that reads a saved amount from a text file in application support, and writes an amount to that file as a backup every 10 mins or so.

Is it possible to do this to a file on a server rather than local machine ?

You could write to a network drive or Dropbox folder. You would use Save Data and, in the URL field, give it the file path where you want to write, for example ~/Dropbox/file.txt.

If it’s a web server that you want to write to, and you are able to configure the server to receive the data through a GET request, that would be another option. Vuo’s Fetch Data could send a request like https://example.com/save.php?data=… with the file contents as a query parameter.

Thank you Jaymie. Thats a great idea… had completely forgotten about the idea of get request. I’ll start looking into how to implement it properly.

Thank you !