2019-02-02 — How to make original, interactive dome visuals with Vuo @ IMERSA Summit

Jaymie Strecker and Steve Mokris of Team Vuo gave a half-hour presentation on Vuo as part of the Gaming and Interactivity Workshop at the 2019 IMERSA Summit.

IMERSA’s mission is “to advance the art and technology of immersive digital experiences”. To that end, the 10th annual IMERSA summit was held Feb. 2–5, 2019 at the COSI science museum and research center.

The Vuo workshop was an introductory tutorial on creating custom interactive dome content. The approximately 20 attendees learned how to render a 3D scene, warp it for a dome, make it react to audio, and record a composition to a movie.

The Vuo workshop was geared toward planetarium staff who are interested in creating original shows for their own venue, dome media creators who are looking for ways to add interactive technology, and people working with unusual dome configurations that require specially designed media.